Roles and Actions of the Dentist

Dentists are doctors who have special expertise in the field of dental and oral health. The role of the dentist is to diagnose, treat and prevent dental and oral problems. However, some actions can only be performed by dentists who have completed specialist education. During this time you may only know the term general dentist as a profession that can overcome all dental and mouth problems. But every problem of teeth, gums, and heavier mouths require specialist dental treatment according to the scientific fields that have been in it. Dentist Specialization and Actions taken As with general medicine, the branch of dentistry also specializes, including: Oral surgery specialist (SpBM) The specialist field of oral surgery deals with the treatment of dental implants, abnormalities in the oral cavity such as wisdom teeth growing tilted or buried, abnormalities of the cleft lip and cleft palate, tumors and cysts in the oral cavity or jaw, repair of the jawbone, to procedures aesth
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